Minister Fan Reception


In Adam Marszałek Publishing House’s Gallery 44 we have welcomed a delegation from Chinese province Anhui. The team led by the Deputy Minister of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, Fan Ronghui, was talking with the representatives of Marszałek Publishing Group – MPG President Adam Marszałek, PhD, Marszałek Publishing House Director Iwona Nadolska-Bartosiak, Time Marszałek Group Editor-in-Chief Daniel Kawa, PhD, Marszałek Publishing House Sales Department Manager Katarzyna Szczutkowska, Technical Editor Ryszard Kurasz and MPG International Cooperation Assistant Bartosz Płotka, PhD. The city of Torun was represented by the Deputy President of the city Zbigniew Rasielewski and Cultural Department Director Zbigniew Derkowski. A University was represented by Center of Chinese Language and Culture Director, Maciej Szatkowski, PhD, who were translating the talks. The subject of talks between sides was extending cultural cooperation between Poland and China, and common foundation of a literary prize by befriended cities: Toruń and Hefei. The event was accompanied by an exhibition of books written by Chinese authors, published by companies belonging to Marszałek Publishing Group: mainly Adam Marszałek Publishing House and Time Marszałek Group.

Discussion was participated also by the other members of the delegation: Gu Wen, Fan Weijun and Zheng Hua. The meeting raised an interest of local media from Toruń and two Chinese newspapers – Anhui Business Daily Press and Anhui Literature Magazine Press – which were represented by Gao Bo and Yu Tongyou, respectively.