Meeting with Encyclopedia of China Publishing House

For a delegation of Marszałek Publishing Group stays in China mean not only new faces but often meetings with long-term publishing partners. That is why a lot of joy made us a meeting with the team from Encyclopedia of China Publishing House led by Director Ma Lina. It will result in publishing another books with this prestigious publisher.


On the History of Chinese Wushu

In collaboration with Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, Time Marszałek Group has published another part of the series on the History of Chinese Civilization: the History of Chinese Wushu, probably the most fascinating book of the series. Chinese wushu are spectacular martial arts and superhuman abilities of body control. The book consists many documented descriptions of amazing feats, trainings and sacrifices. Considering the huge popularity of Chinese martial arts in pop-culture – let’s just mention Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li – we encourage everyone to read it.


Forum of Shanxi Publishing Group

In China there was a forum of Shanxi publishing group for which there were invited delegates of Marszałek Publishing Group: President Adam Marszałek, prof. Miao Huashou, CEO of Helvetica Oleg Golovko and assitant Bartosz Płotka. The newest achievements of seven companies of the group were presented to the invited guests. Editors Yike Tian and Ren Xiufang have shown to the gathered the effects which made a huge impression.


Meeting with Research Press

A very nice element of international publishers conference in Tai’an was a meeting of Marszałek Publishing Group delegates (President Adam Marszałek, his assistant Bartosz Płotka and Helvetica CEO Oleg Golovko) with very sympathetic representative of Research Press, Helen Zhang, being a part of prestigious China International Publishing Group. The aim of the conversation was to discuss the aspects of on-going cooperation between the partners.


Talks with FLTRP

Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Press is one of the biggest Chinese publishers actively present in the international publishing scene. The employees of main headquarters of FLTRP are also great friends of Time Marszałek Group. This time they hosted a delegation visting China. FLTRP Director Peng Donglin and managers Li Dan and Meng Jiawen warmly hosted visiting President Adama Marszałka and accompanying him assistant Bartosz Płotka and Helvetica CEO Oleg Golovko. Considering comprehensive cooperation between the companies, the attendees discussed not only the matters of publishing cooperation but also the possibilities of joint activities at the VII-th International Asian Congress.



Agreements with CNPIEC

China National Publications Import & Export (Group) is a multi-task platform for publishing and international exchange of cultural contents, basically a fundament of Chinese publishing market. It also is a new partner of Time Marszałek Group. The cooperation between concerns has started on the international publishers conference in Tai’an from signing agreements by representatives of the companies: Bao Zhaolin from CNPIEC, Adam Marszałek and Bartosz Płotka from TMG and Oleg Golovko from Helvetica.


Bestseller in TMG's Offer

Due to the cooperation of Time Marszałek Group with Chinese Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Press the Polish publishing market was enriched with a book entitled The Cook, the Crook, and the Real-Estate Tycoon. It is an action story happening in the reality of contemporary China, written by best-selling author Liu Zhenyun. The writer is one of the most reading author of belles-lettres not only in China but also in the Western countries. Roughly developing story and many unexpected plot twists definitely prove the author’s popularity. We encourage to reading the book and invite to our bookstore in which it is possible to order the book.


Awards for Time Marszałek Group

Participating in the international publishers conference General Manager of Time Marszałek Group, Adam Marszałek, PhD, CEO of Helvetica (part of MPG) Oleg Golovko, and TMG's assistant for international cooperation Bartosz Płotka, PhD, were given awards "Friendship Cup" for their achievements in the field of international cultural cooperation development. The awards were given them by Mr. Li Dawei, chief of the conference. On the pic the awarded are accompanied by sympathetic Bella.

Agreements with CRUP

For many years has lasted amazingly fruitful cooperation between the most prestigious scientific publishing house in China: China Renmin University Press and a publishing concern Marszałek Publishing House. The continuation was a distinguished ceremony of signing publishing agreements between partners that took place in Beijing. The event was special also because besides presidents – Adam Marszałek and Li Yongqiang supported by director Yolanda Liu and assistant Bartosz Płotka – it was participated by the Head of Political Section in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beijing, Counsellor Sebastian Domżalski, the former Cultural Counsellor in the Embassy of PRC in Warsaw Ding Haijia and his Wife, Helvetica CEO Oleg Golovko, prof. Miao Huashou, manager Diana Gao and CRUP’s new vicepresident.


New Partner from Beijing

In Beijing there were held negotiations of the conditions of launching a publishing cooperation between the representatives of Beijing Times Chinese Press – President Bao Yunjiu, Director Tao Che and Editor-in-Chief Qifa Song – and Time Marszałek Group: General Manager Adam Marszałek, PhD, CEO of Helvetica Publishing House Oleg Golovko, PhD and TMG’s international cooperation assistant Bartosz Płotka, PhD. The result of talks translated by prof. Miao Huashou is gathering by TMG a new, dynamically developing partner from China and signing agreements for publishing in Poland thirty books.